How do we set our parts price? Where does the information come from?
Through our wholesale partners we get parts prices from across the nation and use the average in our system.

How frequently is it updated?
Parts are updated once per year. However, when there are frequent fluctuations in the price of part, for example R22 in 2013, then we are making updates to the price as often as the price is changing.

Can I set my own parts markup?
Yes. There is a default part markup, however, you can easily change the price ranges and the associated markup value to whatever is desired.

Can you change parts and parts price?
Yes. You can add your own parts. You can set your own parts price.

How many pricing columns can you have?
Currently there is overtime, regular price, discount price and a savings column. The OT column can be hidden.

For future versions we are planning to give dealers the ability to add as many columns as desired as well as determine how the savings column is calculated.

How to switch calculated savings?
Right now the savings column is calculated based on the difference between the overtime price and the discount price. If the overtime column is not displayed, then it will be based on the regular price.

We are planning to allow the dealer to switch the savings column to the regular column even if the OT column is visible.

Primary repair versus secondary repair?
This is a great concept and we are currently working on a method to implement. This will be part of one of the releases in 2014.

What can be changed?
Our system is very flexible. Since we know our dealers are different, we have provided a platform that allows dealers to quickly and easily change their information. A dealer can use the 24/7 web portal to change: Repair categories, repairs, repair prices, part prices, repair tasks, repair bullet point details, repair images, repair support materials, descriptions, components.

How do you handle refrigerant based repairs?
All repairs that require refrigerant exclude the cost of refrigerant. Therefore you would have two line items on your invoice – One for the cost of the repair and one for the cost of the refrigerant.

Do I have to manually enter part pricing?
No. The system already comes preloaded with all of the repairs, the labor hours, repair descriptions, parts and parts pricing.