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Does P3 sound simple to you? It’s a short acronym, right? Well, if you said yes – you would be right! P3 is a web-based program designed to help you run your HVAC business in a much more efficient and streamlined way. Afterall, running and maintaining a profitable and organized HVAC business can be overwhelming at times. There is a lot to be done, like…


  • Prepare Service agreements
  • Invoicing
  • Dispatching
  • Equipment proposals
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Diagnostics
  • Timesheets


…and the list goes on. But with P3 just about all those tasks can be worked into one on-line program that can make your job — well, a whole lot easier.


 And who doesn’t like easier!


P3 Starts with the Sale before a Penny is Made

Let’s face it – you may have some of the best techs in town. Hands down they beat out the competition when it comes to service and integrity … but here is the question, how good are your techs at selling your companies services? This questions almost begs for more than one question mark.


Your techs are the ones who have face to face contact with customers and potentialcustomers. They should know how to effectively sell your services so you can pay them, maintain your inventory and pay YOURSELF.  P3 includes specific tools for your field techs to demonstrate the best service prices and options available to your customers.


P3 Contracting is a Snap! 

Once the sale is made, P3 cuts down on the time spent creating the contacts and can be done right in the field. The program provides your field tech with an easy to follow dashboard which allows your customers to visually see your companies’ service options. They can create the invoice right in the field (without all the hand written “chicken scratch” which can look unprofessional and hard to read). And because the program is web based, owners/managers can see the invoice in real time and approve it before the tech leaves your customers home.


Less Time Behind the Desk, Means More Revenue for Your Company

Did you know it’s estimated that by 2020, The Air Condition, Heating and Refrigeration industry is expected to rake in just over 130 billion dollars? Yes, you read that right — that’s “B” for billion. So, it only makes sense you and your employee will be spending less time behind their desks and more time in the field. How does P3 translate less time behind your desk?


Well for one thing, P3 allows business owners to pull up reports which will can show them a snapshot of daily activity, monthly service goals and even daily, weekly and monthly financial goals. This mean less time thumbing through piles of notes, paper, invoices and checks. What used to be a tedious task can be done with a few clicks with P3.


Some of the other features included in the P3 program:


  • Customer management tracking
  • Real time field tech timesheets
  • Field tech job management
  • Simplified dispatcher work flow
  • Streamlined accounts receivable and
  • Customer account reconciliation


For more information on what P3 offers and to schedule a consultation on the dynamic P3 software that can become an extremely valuable tool for your business click here.


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