Flat-rate pricing is great because it works the way homeowners think. They have a problem and you present a solution and its price. The technician can focus on solving the homeowner's problem, not explaining part costs and repair time.

You're happy, your revenue goes up per service call, your tech is happy (he doesn't have to be a salesman) and the customer is happy with a simpler experience.

Picture Perfect Pricing is an easy-to-administer, drop-dead-easy-to-use iPad Flat Rate Pricing solution.

But that's just the beginning:

Technicians can now present a complete diagnostic of the equipment condition with just a few taps on their iPad. Imagine a professional, clear presentation of:

What was checked,

What's fine,

What should be repaired

And what must be repaired.

All at-a-glance, which lets the technician talk about what he knows best – the repair – and lets the iPad do the "Should Repair" selling.

The Diagnostic Screen from Picture Perfect Pricing. Technician easily present components that are ok, Should be Repaired and Must be Repaired.


One more tap and the iPad not only displays the price of the repair AND the potential savings on your Service Agreement, it educates the customer. The tech taps one more time and starts the customer on a familiar path, adding the repairs to a shopping cart and taking them to check out.


The customer's happier: the transaction is simpler and more comfortable (they KNOW what the cost will be); they are familiar with this type of pricing AND the process of adding items to a shopping cart and checking out.

The technician's happier: If they can use an iPad they can make a professional presentation. The iPad walks the sales process through diagnosis and pricing, all the way through the invoice. The technician answers questions, taps the iPad screen and explains, as opposed to being put in the uncomfortable position of having to sell.

You are. . .well, you are ecstatic: more repairs are sold per call, more sales per year per tech, more Service Agreements sold, AND a happier customer who is comfortable enough with the experience they will call you first next time.


Why Select Picture Perfect Pricing

The promise of flat rate pricing is powerful, as we mentioned in the text above the video. Problem is, delivering on those promises is hard, because if your flat rate solution isn’t easy to use it won’t get used.

And, frankly, there is a lot more before and after the presentation of price that directly affects your sales per service call and Service Agreement sales. Picture Perfect Pricing is an industry leader because it makes implementing flat rate pricing easy on your office, easy on the tech, AND it offers the important pieces of the customer experience before (diagnosis) and after (creating the invoice on the spot) the pricing presentation.

A Word About HVAC Business Solutions. . .

We specialize in HVAC. As our name suggests, we bring over 40 years of HVAC experience and more than 20 years developing and supporting software to the challenge of helping you implement a Flat Rate Pricing solution. Nobody (NOBODY!) makes it easier.

The first step is a demo. Prove to yourself how much Picture Perfect Pricing can do, and how easy it is to administer and use.