Big Data, Big Profits

Big Date improving business

The Value Behind Having Customer Historic Data…


An HVAC or plumbing business is just like any other business. There is competition and each business is competing for that “piece of the pie”.


So what do you do to get that edge over your competition? What do you do to get that next job instead of it going to another company?


One way is by collecting customer data. By collecting and keeping customer data – it allows a company to enhance a customer’s overall shopping experience, which equates to a more satisfied customer and increased revenue for you.


Data history creates a much more personalized experience – since you can see a customers previous buying history and what you can do to enhance your relationship with them in the future.


This data can also help businesses learn from past mistakes so they can fine-tune their business operations and make their businesses run better, and smoother in the future.


Having this data though isn’t enough. It needs to be organized for not just the executives in the firm but all employees that have interactions with customers. Everyone in the business including those in the field need to be on the same page; having insights and information can help them do a better job. This way everyone is equipped with the knowledge to best take care of that specific customer at that specific time.


With HVAC Solutions P3 Software Customer Management Modulator for HVAC businesses, everything needed is all under one screen. That includes for example, customer history, service agreements, appointment reminders and money owed, just to name a few.


In addition, this one-touch, one-stop program makes everything time efficient so every minute of everyday can be the most potentially profitable for you and your employees.


To learn more about this module and to schedule a consultation click here.  Happy selling!

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