Tuesday Tool Tip – P3 HVAC Software – Dispatch Board Display Setting

Info Icon to View Appointment Details

HVAC Invoicing – Dispatch Board Display Setting

When you are viewing the Dispatch Calendar, there are two different ways to view appointment details.

Dispatch Board – Rollover Effect

The first way is to tell the software that when the mouse moves into the time slot on the calendar, to automatically display the details. In this case there is no mouse click. Just simply move the box into the appointment and the appointment details are displayed in a popup box.

Now this option is great if you have a handful of technicians. However, beyond that, once the Dispatch Calendar is full, having to move the mouse across multiple appointments to get to the desired appointment can be cumbersome because each time the mouse moves into a time slot a new popup will appear.

Dispatch Board – Information Icon

As an alternate to this approach, there is a setting whereby the popup display of the appointment details can be turned off.

Once off, the calendar will instead display an information icon in the upper right hand corner in the time slot for the appointment. Now, you can safely move the mouse across the Dispatch Calendar without triggering any details to popup and display.

Simply, navigate to the desired appointment and click that appointment’s information icon to get that appointment’s details.

Toggle Display Setting

To change the Dispatch Board Display Setting:

  • From the Command Center, click on Settings
  • Under the Dispatch Settings section, click on General Settings
  • Go to the top of the page – Calendar Display Settings
  • The setting name is “Disable hover popups on Calendar”
  • Set to “Yes” to disable the hover/mouse-rollover popups and get the info icon
  • Click Save

Please note, the same information about the appointment displays regardless of choice.


Example of Display with Mouse Rollover/Hover

Roll Over to View Appointment Details

Example of Display with Information Icon


Info Icon to View Appointment Details

Setting Location

HVAC Calendar Setting

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