Tuesday Tool Tip – P3 HVAC Software Facebook User Group

P3 HVAC Software Facebook User Group

P3 Facebook User Group

In this week’s Tuesday Tool Tip we want to announce our new P3 HVAC Software Facebook User Group.

This is a forum for P3 HVAC Software users to come together to strategize, consult and troubleshoot together. This is also a great place to discuss feature requests to explore what is truly needed for your HVAC business. In addition, we will post our Tuesday Tool Tips and Feature Friday to the Facebook group so that the information can be discussed among your peers.

Please note the User Group is intended for all users of the software.  Owners, managers, dispatchers and technicians are all welcome and we encourage you to come share your ideas and experiences.

Although, this group will be monitored by support staff daily, it will not replace technical support. The best mode to get help will remain the same – to email us at support@p3helpdesk.com.

Where to Find the P3 HVAC Software Facebook User Group

The name of the group is “P3 HVAC Software Private User Group” and you must request access in order to join as we will only allow active users of the software in the group. The link to group is here:

If you see the image below, then you know you are in the right place.

P3 HVAC Software Facebook User Group


Why Create the Group?

We want to thank the people who completed our 2021 Software Survey earlier this year as creating a P3 HVAC Software Facebook User Group was very popular suggestion and one that we took to heart.  By creating the User Group, we continue the tradition we have established at HVAC Business Solutions of listening to our customers and taking action.  We have always looked for ways to create a P3 community to encourage discussion among the people using the software, so while other attempts might have failed, we are hopeful that by being driven by the P3 user community, this initiative will be successful.

About Us

This is just one of many time saving features in our HVAC software.  We encourage you to review our site and learn about how we help HVAC Companies operate more efficiently.   Please use this link to schedule a free demo of P3 HVAC Software.  Lastly, be sure to check in weekly as we will post a new Tool Tip each Tuesday.


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