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Like it or not, customers want to buy equipment from the technician, because they trust the technician over the salesman.

However, are you terrified of your technician presenting a new equipment proposal to your customer?

Your technician needs to prepare the proposal quickly and accurately, price the proposal correctly and have the confidence to present the options in a way that the customer will understand and best represent your company.

Your equipment sales is your bread and butter. It can be what makes or breaks your season. It has to be done correctly and professionally.

Fast-Track Your Equipment Sales with Our HVAC Proposal Software

The Equipment Sales Module makes it easy for a technician to do everything you would as the owner, while allowing them to stay in their comfort zone. You can setup many of the standard parts of the proposal in advance, including pricing, with the HVAC proposals template, so the technician can just focus on what is needed for the job and customer.


Create consistent, profitable proposals every time.
Create “affordable” proposals showing monthly financed price.
Turn any technician into a seasoned sales person.
Eliminate competition by providing multiple Good/Better/Best options.
Installation checklists make communicating with the installation team a breeze.
Sell more accessories and services.


Preloaded with major brands.
Preloaded with equipment brochures and add-on brochures.
Setup templates for common proposals.
Good/Better/Best, side-by-side display and price comparison.
Equipment comes with preloaded installation materials and activities, just update pricing and go.
Customize equipment installations to account for all installation costs.
Add company brochure and selling points about your company.
Set reminders for follow ups to never lose track of potential sales.
Add rebates and discounts.
“Decline” items to show the minimal impact to resulting price.
Customer survey to highlight additional products and services needed.

With our template feature technicians can also reuse a previous good/better/best HVAC proposal and present the options professionally in just minutes. Additionally, they can create equipment installation proposals with all installation costs in a fast, easy, and organized manner with the HVAC proposal software.

Easy Comparison at a Glance 

When it comes to high-end equipment, customers are always keen on doing an in-depth and comprehensive comparative study that helps them compare the equipment features, price, and all inclusions (including, rebates, warranties, indoor air quality and other add ons).

By offering customers a quick equipment proposal that provides an easy comparison overview, you can help them make faster and better purchase decisions and above all, the right choice that perfectly meets their requirements. Customers who are happy with their selection are more likely to recommend your products and services to other businesses.

Budget-Based Sales Techniques That Generate Results

Moreover, using budget-based sales techniques, the HVAC proposal software can help your customers compare the price-points in a more realistic manner. They’ll be more likely to upgrade to a higher option once they see that the price difference is nominal. 

The HVAC sales proposal software helps your customers see the things that matter when making the purchase decision. Once they select a given option, they’ll be able to view all the details of the equipment along with a brochure. 

Our HVAC proposal software makes it extremely easy for your staff to generate accurate and quick proposals on the go. The better the proposal, the higher are the chances for conversion. Are you ready to ace your sales game with the HVAC software? Schedule a demo below!

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