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Demonstrate Value and Professionally Present Recommendations on Every Diagnostic


Customers do not buy anything that they don’t understand, need or want. Out in the field, like it or not, your home project estimator or technician is your storefront.

Whether the customer proceeds with a recommendation is based on your technician’s ability to explain problems and solutions with confidence and in a way a customer can understand.

Whether the customer sees value in your diagnostic fee, repair or service agreement tune-up will be based on your technician’s ability to communicate with that customer.

Fortunately, our HVAC diagnostic tools make it easy for a technician to document what he has done and present it to a homeowner in a way that they will easily understand.

Your customers will appreciate your work more, see the value in your service and tell more people about the great job your team is doing. Even Looking Into A/C with Duct software.

This all starts with the our HVAC Diagnostic Software.

Benefits & Features

Out of the Book Diagnostics for all Major Equipment Types.
Customize Checklists for Your Company
Companies that Use the P3 Diagnostic Have a 28% Higher Average Ticket
Add Notes and Measurements.
Simple Color-Coded Statuses Make it Easy for Customers to Understand
Add Pictures.

What Does the HVAC Diagnostic Software Include?

Having an assortment of HVAC diagnostic tools is important to your clients and customers because it better helps them understand what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and the steps you took. By putting together a customized HVAC diagnostic checklist, your technicians are better able to explain to their customers what they’ve done in a way that they can understand it. This leads to less complaints, less time answering questions, and ultimately a more satisfied customer.

With HVAC troubleshooting tools using our diagnostic software, you’re able to add color-coded statuses and take pictures every step of the way. What this does is it makes it simpler and faster for your customers to see where you are in the process whether they’re home, at work, or even on vacation. Keeping them constantly updated with the status of their HVAC project gives them peace of mind and leads to a higher ticket and a more satisfied experience.

Why is it Important to have an HVAC Diagnostic App?

The big question is, why is it important to have HVAC diagnostic software? Why can’t HVAC businesses continue to do things the way they are? Here are some of the primary reasons:

Reporting – Besides being able to better serve your customers, you’ll also be able to keep track of your technicians better with real-time reporting. You’ll have detailed HVAC diagnostic reports about where your technicians are, what they’re doing, and how much progress they’ve made.

Troubleshooting – The debate of whether to repair or replace something is a constant conversation with customers. Our HVAC Software has a repair or replace module that offers a simple to understand scorecard and financial analysis that makes it easy for your technicians to explain the reasoning to the customer.

Accurate and Simple Proposals – Customers will never pay for something they can’t understand and we make it simple to create proposals that make sense to your customers and help explain how the job will save them money in the long run.

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