Diagnostic Overview

Demonstrate Value and Professionally Present Recommendations on Every Diagnostic


Customers do not buy anything that they don’t understand, need or want. Out in the field, like it or not, your home project estimator or technician is your storefront.

Whether the customer proceeds with a recommendation is based on your technician’s ability to explain problems and solutions with confidence and in a way a customer can understand.

Whether the customer sees value in your diagnostic fee, repair or service agreement tune-up will be based on your technician’s ability to communicate with that customer.

Fortunately, P3 makes it easy for a technician to document what he has done and present it to a homeowner in a way that they will easily understand.

Your customers will appreciate your work more, see the value in your service and tell more people about the great job your team is doing. Even Looking Into A/C with Duct software.

This all starts with the P3 Diagnostic Checklist.

Benefits & Features

Out of the Book Diagnostics for all Major Equipment Types.
Customize Checklists for Your Company
Companies that Use the P3 Diagnostic Have a 28% Higher Average Ticket
Add Notes and Measurements.
Simple Color-Coded Statuses Make it Easy for Customers to Understand
Add Pictures.