Review Management & Reputation Management

Automated Functionality to Grow Your Reviews & Attract New Clients


At P3, we recognize the critical role customer feedback plays not only in shaping and enhancing the quality of service, but also to attract new customers. In response to this need, we have developed the Review Automation & Management and Reputation Management modules.

These tools are not just software solutions; they are gateways to building stronger, more responsive, and customer-focused businesses. By facilitating efficient collection and management of customer reviews, these modules empower businesses to adapt to customer needs swiftly, ensuring a higher level of satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, by making it easy for customers to share their experiences publicly, this in turn attracts more customers, helping you grow your HVAC business.

Our focus is on providing a seamless, user-friendly experience for both businesses and their customers, fostering an environment where feedback is not only heard but also effectively utilized to drive continuous improvement.

Benefits & Features

Automated systems for requesting both internal and Google reviews, facilitating efficient feedback gathering.
Advanced review management tools, streamlining the process of tracking and responding to customer reviews.
A simple, yet effective but also customizable review capture form, encouraging customers to share their experiences.
An insightful review dashboard, offering detailed reports and analytics for better understanding customer feedback.
Centralized Online Reputation Management – an integrated management of Google reviews, allowing businesses to handle Google reviews directly within P3.
Enhanced customer engagement through effective and streamlined feedback collection. Simplified review processes, benefiting both businesses and customers
Simplified review processes, benefiting both businesses and customers.
Valuable insights from detailed reporting, enabling businesses to continuously evolve and improve their services.


Customer Success Story

An HVAC Company in Illinois was struggling to collect Google Reviews. Prior to using P3’s Review Management and Reputation Management Modules, they had collected just 110 Google Reviews in a 12 year time span – averaging roughly 9 reviews per year or less than 1 per month.
After implementing our module and automating the Review Request, the company received 6 Google Reviews in the first month!
A 6x increase in the number of Google Reviews received.
By incorporating the review request into the day-to-day process through automation, no longer was the company dependent on the technician. In fact, there was no change to technician’s routine. No training or explanation needed. The software automatically requested review upon the completion of the service call.

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