HVAC Service Contract Software

HVAC Software Designed to Sell and Manage Service Agreements


Most HVAC owners don’t sell service agreements because they are afraid that managing them will get out of control, leading to upset customers.

Our software has a report that allows owners to see how many service agreements are sold, are coming due for renewal, were not renewed, in addition to how many tune ups are owed, all in a single view.

Never lose track of a renewal or an owed service agreement tune up. With our Active Reporting, you see current or future renewals and tune ups owed and immediately take action like send a reminder email.

Managing service agreements is one thing, but how do you get them sold? Are they offered on every job?

As service agreements are the biggest factor that determines the financial value of your HVAC company, our software is designed specifically to sell and manage service agreements.

No longer hope and pray that a technician initiates a conversation about a service agreement. Our invoices and flat rate pricing is designed specifically for customers to inquiry about and sign up for a service agreement.

Be in control of your service agreement future with us.

Benefits & Features

There is no substitute for revenue certainty, particularly in a service-based business such as the HVAC industry. You’ll never have to worry about managing these agreements manually again when you incorporate the service contract software into your day-day operation. All you’ll need to do is review the information provided and plan accordingly.
Take a look at a few of the benefits and features of this industry-leading HVAC service software below:
Automatic tune up reminders.
It’s not fun to get an angry phone call from a customer who’s wondering why no one showed up to handle a tune-up when it was time. After all, the customer is paying for this service, so he/she has every right to be unhappy. You can put that experience in the past with the service contract software, as you’ll know who’s due for a tune-up and when every time.
Automatic renewal reminders.
You’ve worked too hard to make your customers happy all year only to miss out on renewals. The service contract software will make sure you’re aware of forthcoming renewals ahead of time, so you can make sure to resell them.
Never forget a tune up.
Automatic scheduling of future service agreement tune ups.
Not only will you never forget another tune up, but you’ll be able to plot them on your calendar for the duration of your service contract.
Advanced active reporting.
You need to know how things are progressing, and the service contract software can provide you with a wide array of views and analyses to give you the data you need.
Invoices designed to sell service agreements. service contract software allows you to never have to depend solely on your team to sell service agreements. The invoices will help do that for you, making this component of your business a standard offering.
Flat Rate pricing designed to sell service agreements.
Customers love cost certainty. That’s one of the reasons they agree to service contracts in the first place, as it allows them to lock in rates.
Software automatically prices invoices based on the service agreement plan.

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