HVAC KPI Dashboard/ Reporting

Real-Time Technician and Business Performance Reporting

HVAC Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

We all want to improve our business. The hard part is knowing what to change.

With the KPI Dashboard and Reporting Module from P3 HVAC Software this decision has never been easier.

As your team goes about their day, the software automatically keeps track of and reports on performance. This data is summarized for the entire team as well as breaks out the performance of each technician and CSR.

The P3 HVAC KPI Dashboard is drag-and-drop configurable allowing you to easily choose the metrics that are best suited for your HVAC busines.

KPI Company Dashboard Data Includes

 Average Invoice
 Total Service Sales
 Average Service Ticket
 Average Maintenance Ticket
 Total Service Agreements Sold
 Service Agreement Closing Rate
 Equipment Sales
 Average Equipment Sales Price

KPI CSR Dashboard Data Includes

 Total Calls Booked
 Average Booking Rate
 Average Service Ticket