Show Customers Specific Reasons Why They Should Replace or Repair


As an owner you have had this conversation a million times with your customers – should we repair or replace the system. Do you know what your technicians will say in this situation?

The P3 Repair or Replace module gives objective reasons why a customer should either proceed with a repair or replacement based on their specific situation. The module has a high-level scorecard or financial analysis that is fair, objective and makes it easier for customers when making this difficult decision.

Technicians simply ask questions to your customers and together the software produces the recommendation based on your customer’s answers, not the motivation of your technician.

Benefits & Features

 Analysis done in less than 2 minutes.
 Cost Benefit Analysis demonstrates the financial impact of both decisions.
 Email copies to the customer.
 Reports are stored permanently with the customer’s file.
 Scorecard sheds light on several factors that can influence the decision that not regularly considered.