Financing Repairs Versus Replacing an Air Conditioner can be a Great Option to Offer Homeowners Right Now


Contractors report up to 50% more sales when offering financing to homeowners. That’s a big percent that can translate to significant dollars for your bottom line, especially now when many people have limited funds, and are being careful how they spend due to the pandemic.

A new air conditioner unit could cost thousands of dollars for your customers. That’s a big expense, even if it’s financed, especially during stressful and uncertain times.

In comparison, a repair may be able to fix the issue they are having and allow your customer to save a bundle – compared to what a new unit would cost.

Best of all, now you can probably get more customers approved for financing a repair fee compared to financing the cost a new replacement unit.

With more financing options available now, some customers can get their home feeling cool right away and not even have to pay a penny out-of-pocket. Financing can be a huge benefit to homeowners, and a great closing tool, especially during these hot summer months.

In addition, with financing you may be able to increase valuable add-ons that can improve the indoor air quality and the unit’s efficiency such UV-lights, specialty filters, programmable thermostats, dehumidifiers, and more.

That could lead to more on-going maintenance business, as an older unit with enhancements will typically still need repairs more often compared to a brand-new unit.

Financing makes smart sense for homeowners and HVAC owners.

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