HVAC Customers REALLY Want …?

who can help me with HVAC??

When a customer calls your HVAC company for service it is easy to figure out what they want, right? After all, they are stating their furnace is not working. They are telling you they want to be warm. They are telling you they want it fixed. It seems fairly easy to gather what the customer wants. As a mindful business person you deliver exactly what they wanted – a working furnace and warmth. You drive away with a smile on your face knowing the results-oriented service you just provided locked a customer in for life. However, the next service call never comes from that “satisfied” customer. Tom Borg, a guest writer for Entrepreneur.com gives some valuable insight as to why that customer did not call you back. It seems that customers want way more than warm air flowing from their vents. Click on the link below to learn how to gain a customer for life by giving them what they REALLY want. The four attributes are to be liked, for you to care, the ability to trust you, & the need for you to be an expert.


Of course, figuring out what the customer wants is only half of the battle. Systematically and consistently delivering on the four attributes mentioned takes a well-thought out plan. Part of that plan should include HVAC sales and operational software like P3. For example you can show a customer that you care about their family and their investment by taking time to review a P3 repair page like the one in this video


As another example, what better way is there to tell a customer you like them than to ask them for the opportunity to do business with them in the future? This video  https://hvacbusinesssolutions.com/service-agreements/ shows how P3 HVAC software can ensure your techs say “we like you” on every call by asking them for future business.

A good business strategy, centered on the needs of the customer, is critical to ensuring you get a customer for life. What processes can you put in place to make it happen? What tools do you need to ensure that it does happen?