New Year – New Business!

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3 Ways Financing will Boost your Business in 2019!



Did you know that by offering financing could double your business?  By actively promoting financing can be an extremely valuable tool within your sales and marketing strategy.  Here are a few reasons why:



  • Customers aren’t required to have credit to be able to receive financing. By offering this no-credit financing option opens the door for more customers to be eligible for financing and you as the business to be able to more often say, “yes, you are approved.”
  • You are offering flexibility to customers. By giving the customer the control, they now feel like they have the ability to make a buying decision that works best for them and their pocketbook.

  • There is little risk for the business.When you work with a financing company they usually guarantee every sale they finance. That means once you closed the sale your part is complete. Most financing companies will pay you the full amount of the sale within 48 hours after the customer signs the agreement. This feature allows you to do what you do best which is selling and not have to worry about the fear of not getting paid.



To achieve true selling success P3 can help you and your team integrate financing seamlessly:



1) Foundation Finance is our P3 partner and makes it easy for your team to offer financing on every sale. P3 makes it simple to understand the options and savings homeowners can receive. 



2) P3 helps to make sure every homeowner learns of the financing options available upfront. Financing helps discourage objection and shows that your products are affordable. Providing examples and options can make it easy for the customer to relate and understand what they are getting into.


With HVAC Business Solutions P3 software, HVAC contractors can easily create affordable proposals showing monthly financed prices in just minutes.


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Just remember, more financing is a true game changer in making more sales!