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Powerful, HVAC Software Designed for HVAC Contractors


HVAC Software is our speciality - it's the only thing we do!  
Do everything from one software solution and in the cloud means access any time, anywhere.

Electronic Proposals

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Easy to use software for the every day needs of heating and air conditioning contractors. Invoicing, Customer Management, Reporting.


Flat Rate Pricing
Service Agreements
Customer Management

"We have been using the flat rate books provided by HVAC Business Solutions for about 5 years now and it's been a positive, profitable decision...The technology of being able to adjust pricing, update and customize individual pages, add new products and print as needed from their website are all phenomenal features. Creating a flat rate book can be a time consuming and daunting task, but HVAC Business Solutions makes it easy. We look forward to a long lasting relationship between Bob's Heating & HVAC Business Solutions."

- Melissa Olson
  Purchasing Manager, Bob's Heating & Air Conditioning

About Us

We believe small businesses and entrepreneurs are the heartbeat of our community, both local and beyond. We are a software company that also believes that 3 core principles - people, product and process will determine the success of any HVAC business.

What We Believe
We Do Only HVAC

HVAC companies are different than plumbers, electricians, landscapers, carpenters or pool services.  As a result, we believe the software should be different as well. Picture Perfect Pricing has specific functionality and features that HVAC companies need that you won't find with a generic solution.

Commitment to Continual Development

Just like continuing education for your technicians, our software team continually researches the latest technology and determines how it can make your life better. This is why we were one of the first with an App.


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Website: hvacbusinesssolutions.com


Customer Management

First impressions make a big difference. Technicians can walk into the repair well prepared.

  • Know your customer better - a great conversation starter for technicians and the customer
  • Manage your customer relationships and your team's contact from scheduling service, invoicing, payment receipt, service agreements and more
  • Maintain a detailed list of accounts for when sales occur and track service requests


It all begins with the best diagnostics tool. Technicians can now present a complete diagnostic of the equipment condition with just a few taps on their iPad.

  • Give the customer more choices, the diagnostic screen presents "Should Do" along with "Must Do" repairs
  • The customer knows: What was checked, what's fine, what should be repaired, what must be repaired


Customers and technicians build their invoice together with familiar shopping cart and checkout process.

  • The customer's happier: the customer is more informed and the transaction is made simpler
  • Technicians can add the repairs to a shopping cart
  • You're happier: more repairs are sold per call, more sales per year per tech, more service agreements sold

Repair & Replace

Flat Rate Pricing


Repair and Replace choices are presented to the customer without asking your technician to become a salesperson.

  • Lets the technician talk about what he knows best for the repair
  • Lets the iPad do the "Should Repair" selling
  • Technicians can add the repairs to a shopping cart
  • The customer is more informed about what, why, and how they will pay for repairs/replacements

The Picture Perfect Pricing Flat Rate Pricing Book helps HVAC technicians sell more.

  • Use an iPad-based flat-rate pricing solution or print your book
  • Coupons, special offers, videos, and brochures are a tap away for technicians
  • Update entire price book in seconds
  • All changes sync with iPads so everyone in the office and field is on the same page

Everything you need in one place.  Prepare for a service call, review past work, share info with your team.

  • Quickly sort through your data to the information you need at the office or the field
  • Make sense of your data and create summary reports to get bird's-eye view of your service business
  • Have access to a "dashboard" of key performance metrics to help make smarter business decisions