5 Best HVAC Customer Management Tips

HVAC service technician

Customer service is the lifeblood of every service based business. Your customers expect your technicians to be friendly, professional, and efficient. Managing all of your technicians, service calls, and customers with outdated software is impossible. 

In this guide, we’re covering HVAC customer management tips to help you better serve your customers which will result in an overall increase in efficiency and revenue. Continue reading below for more. 

1. Never Make Customers Wait for Quotes

A huge part of HVAC customer management is ensuring that your customers are never waiting around for quotes. If a customer waits for a quote, you’re already starting off on the wrong foot. Plus, you’re making that customer feel like they’re an afterthought. 

Even though that most likely isn’t true, it’s still crucial that you get them quotes in a timely fashion. One way to ensure this always happens is with a customer management system. You can put prospective customers into different areas of the sales process. This way, the person in charge of providing quotes will have a list of all the customers waiting and they’ll know how long they’ve been waiting as well. 

As the manager or owner of the company, you can then see if you’re falling behind on quotes and step in to help or find out what the problem is.

2. Be Timely and Prompt with Appointments 

Do you find yourself getting complaints about appointment times? These complaints could be about a technician showing up late or they could be about prolonged appointments as well. Just like in the first example, we want to always start out on the right foot. Having to reschedule an appointment because you double-booked or didn’t plan accordingly is unprofessional. 

All of this stems back to a lack of communication and organization from the top down though. The best HVAC customer management software can help you schedule appointments and spread them out accordingly. Doing so allows for travel time, mistakes, and calls that run late.

You can also send emails and texts to remind customers of appointments. This is not only convenient for the customer; it’s important for you as well. Ensuring that the customer is present and ready for you will limit time wasted and it will prevent bottlenecks in your day. 

3. Be Clear and Concise About Money Owed

When it comes to invoicing, having a HVAC customer database software is a must. You want to make sure that customers are charged the right amount and that they receive their invoice in a clear and efficient manner. They shouldn’t be waiting days after service to receive an invoice and everything should be clearly described and broken down. 

Another thing that a customer database software will do is explain the services and costs before they’re performed. It’s important that this aligns with the number the customer receives on their invoice. If there are discrepancies, it’s your responsibility to explain it. If you can’t, you may not only risk losing money on the job but you may lose the customer altogether.  

4. Know the Customer’s History 

One thing that makes an HVAC company look super professional is when they know a customer’s history and the work they’ve had performed in the past. Customers prefer to come back to the same company as long as they’re efficient, friendly, and they get the job done. 

One of the best HVAC customer management tips we can offer is to keep a service call log of all your customers. Information such as location, job performed, how long it took, any issues encountered, and so on should be in the log. Having this information will show the customer that you remember them. It will also show that you care about each customer interaction. 

5. Never Leave the Job Unfinished 

Customer service 101 tells us that we should leave a job site better than we found it. Whenever your technicians are out on a service call, they’re on someone else’s property. It’s important that they’re respectful and courteous to the customers. Leaving cables, pipes, and metal shavings around makes the customer feel like you rushed through the job. 

Another way that a HVAC customer management software can help here is by having a log of who was at that job site before. If you’re called out to a previous service call and you find that the job was done incorrectly or it wasn’t finished, you’ll know who was responsible. 

It’s not only important to be clean and tidy but you also need to make sure that the job is done properly the first time so you don’t have to revisit it and deal with a frustrated customer.

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully these HVAC customer management tips can help you better serve your customers and run a more successful business. Remember that having a customer management software is the key to properly managing all of your accounts. 

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