Flat-Rate for Plumbers

Close-up Of A Plumber's Hand Repairing Sink With Adjustable Wrench

HVAC Business Solutions is proud to launch Plumbing Flat-rate pricing integration in our P3 software!

Now plumbers have another valuable tool in their toolbox to boost profits and streamline their business.

Why Flat-rate and why P3?


A Flat-rate pricing model is when a contractor charges flat fees for products and/or services. One of the rewards is productivity. When a small business is paid a flat rate for a service, it can make more money by performing more services in a shorter amount of time. Owners can spend their time focusing on ways to deliver as much value as possible, quickly and efficiently.  Hourly pricing for services do not reward productivity: a contractor that charges by the hour earns the same amount for a day of work regardless of how efficiently the job was performed. In fact, in some cases a job may be performed less expediently as a result of hourly billing.


Another advantage of a flat-rate pricing model is that flat fees are known up-front. Being transparent and easy for customers to understand is a big win. For instance, there is no grey area. Customers can determine easily whether they can afford the service or not. With hourly rates, customers have to “guess” or approximate the cost – and may end up owing more than they expect, which can potentially lead to unhappy customers, or an equal concern of collecting the payment for services they may not be able to afford.


While the marketplace is crowded and many companies are getting into the software space for service-based businesses, P3 has been growing for more than a decade and has a proven track record of supporting hundreds of successful customers. We are here today and will be here tomorrow servicing our valued customers. We know the industry and we are passionate about helping our contractors grow their businesses! This is our specialty, and we have hundreds of happy customers to vouch for us.

Request a demo today and learn how P3 can transform your plumbing business!