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HVAC Business Solutions Makes Comprehensive Proposals Simple With Its Equipment Sales Module!


Proposals Made Simple, In Less Than Three Minutes…  


HVAC Business Solutions, a leader in sales software for HVAC businesses announces its new Equipment Sales Module.


With the new Module, a technician can create and generate a comprehensive estimate from start to finish in about three minutes.


“The module is so easy to use, every technician can complete and distribute a proposal in record time,” says Brian Starzec, President of HVAC Business Solutions. “The ability to complete a larger volume of proposals more efficiently, means more sales.”




The Module is able to generate multiple options (for example, good-better-best) to show the customer what’s available. This puts the customer in control. This leads to upselling, since customers are less likely to choose the basic option that is displayed.


The Equipment Sales Module (ESM) can also display the monthly payment amount and allow the customer to apply for financing via the app. This is a great advantage as less than half of consumers in the country have $500 or less available at any given time.


HVAC dealers saw double-digit gains in sales with some dealers even reporting triple digit sales gains, during beta testing. That isn’t a surprise as the top 10% of dealers (by revenue) finance 70% of their equipment sales.


A budget-based selling approach allows contractors to easily show customers how add-ons such as home automation and IAQ equipment can be a nominal monthly cost. This upselling wasn’t as easy to see before the ESM module was introduced.


The ability to show the customer that products can cost only $15 per month, versus $1500, makes them more apt to buy. In fact, some companies have reported increases in ancillary sales by more than fifty percent.


Simply put, P3 and its Equipment Sales Module, is increasing sales for HVAC businesses. This puts consumers in control of purchasing decisions.


About HVAC Business Solutions and P3 Software

HVAC Business Solutions is a leading software developer in the HVAC industry with more than 10 years’ experience providing innovative technological solutions to HVAC owner-operators. Far from a one-size fits all SaaS, HVAC Business Solutions provides a hybrid of consulting services along with its modular proprietary P3 software suite that provides business owners with customizable solutions aimed to enhance each company’s unique market position and goals. By leveraging the experiences of in-field technicians, software developers, and veteran business owners, HVAC Business Solutions continues to provide the HVAC industry with critical technological advancements—enabling efficient business practices, recovering lost revenue, and earning increasingly high rates of homeowner-contractor satisfaction. For more information visit