Online Reviews

Today online reviews are more important than ever.

Online Reviews Matter More than Ever


In today’s world of online everything, one of the main ways people rely on online reviews. Reviews can have the biggest influence on how and what we buy.


Consumers are making buying decisions based on what other people are saying–and many times, they don’t even know them! Online reviews are here to stay, and one of the most important tools for your business.


Did you know online reviews are just as powerful as word-of-mouth? Nearly 90% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendations.


Providing information and shared experiences from other customers can have a positive impact on your business. That includes negative reviews and experiences. In fact, 68% of people trust reviews more when they see both good and bad reviews.


A few not-so-perfect reviews can show trustworthiness of a business. With a variety of mostly good reviews and some mediocre ones, it shows that a business isn’t hiding anything. That helps make the good reviews much more sincere and genuine. Plus, it gives potential customers the opportunity to see how you handle owning up to a mistake.


It’s unrealistic to obtain a 100% approval rating. As a business though it is critical to manage negative reviews properly. That means responding correctly and timely. Whether that’s an acknowledgement, apology or other action.


Online reviews can also assist with higher placement on search engines like Google.


According to the Harvard Business Review, companies need to understand which industries can benefit most from online reviews.


Air conditioner companies, for example, can benefit big time. P3 customers have access to review tools that can come in real handy. Companies like Review Buzz are experts at obtaining online reviews.


Consumers are doing research every day online looking for a reliable place to find quality heating and cooling options for their home comfort needs.


Having effective reputation management in place is a win-win for both businesses and for consumers. It can improve the branding and reliability of your HVAC business. Plus it provides clarity to consumers that allows them to receive the best experience and level of service.