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Work on Your Business, Not in Your Business.


If I asked you if you work “on” your business or you work “in” your business, would you know the difference? Perhaps you might but many people don’t. Take a minute and read our article. We’ll spell it out for you.


Working “IN” your Business


Most people start their business because they have a passion for a particular skill or find a service or product they know others are willing to pay for. Any good business advisor will tell you, you must put the time and hard work into your business for it to be successful. But it’s how you go about doing it that will determine your success.


Let’s take for example Bob. Bob has been working for A/C companies since he was a teenager and he loves the work. He’s good at it. The customers love him. Bob has saved enough money to buy a truck, some inventory and now he’s ready to start his own company. Bob hires two buddies and he begins to build his clientele one job after another. For 10 years day in and day out, Bob is in the thick of it. Going to every client’s house with his crew. Writing up the service orders.  Ordering the inventory. Doing payroll. Bob doesn’t clock out until midnight on most days. Bob’s business has grown so much, he now has 15 employees.


Bob is working “IN” his business.


How long do you think Bob can sustain this type of work day? How effective is he if he’s everywhere doing everything? Is this your work day? How effective are you?


Working “ON” your Business


Now let’s flip the roles and talk about Amanda. Amanda started out just like Bob. She has worked in HVAC for years. Loves it. And eventually started her own A/C and Refrigerator repair company and purchased P3 software to organize daily functions. So here is an average day for Amanda. She clocks in at 8am. Prints out the service orders for the day and hands them over to her 10 techs. She checks in with her dispatcher and office manager to make sure they are clear on their responsibilities for the day. Amanda has her office manager print out the inventory list for her review. Amanda’s dispatcher updates her on a few service call changes and at 1pm Amanda heads out the door for a luncheon with a potential client.


Amanda is working “ON” her business.


Did you catch what Amanda is doing? Did you see what Bob isn’t doing?


How to Transition your HVAC Business Solutions    


Working hard each day in your business is normal. By no means are we saying there is a magic wand that will fix it all. Every day you have to put out those fires, deal with difficult clients or vendors and make financial decisions. But as a business owner, there are tools to help you work on your business not in it.


P3 HVAC software is a perfect example of how you can make that transition. The program is designed to take the stress off your shoulders so you can spend more time growing your business and work effectively ON your business.


Some of the specific features P3 software includes:


  • Automates many routine daily functions like customer reminders, invoices and service calls
  • Helps to manage service agreements
  • P3 provides easy to read charts to get a clear picture of your business’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Manage service techs time more efficiently with real time travel tracker
  • Ability to produce daily, weekly or monthly financial reports



P3 gives field service business owners the freedom to lead your business. You no longer need to micromanage all of the daily activity because the program is designed to simplify it for you.