The Service Call

HVAC Sales Call

P3 helps HVAC Techs Maximize Services Calls and takes the Guessing out of the Selling!


Easy-to-use Software Streamlines Common Tasks for Technicians and Helps Air Conditioning Owners Increase Sales


In July, American’s will celebrate the 117thanniversary of the invention of the air conditioner.  It wasn’t until the 1950’s when residential air conditioner sales took off and the A/C boom began. Over the years there have been tremendous upgrades and improvements to the design and efficiency of HVAC technology.


Some of the current advantages we have now that we didn’t have back then include high efficiency air conditioning and heater units, high-efficiency compressors, programable thermostats and high-tech filters that provide cleaner processed air. These innovations in the HVAC industry have helped consumers save money not only in terms of buying the equipment but the dollars spent on using the equipment.


The good news — it doesn’t stop there. HVAC Business Solution’s powered by P3 software has changed the way HVAC businesses — do business.


Historically, service technicians are the first and only face a customer sees from your business. For years, it was a tedious process for techs to try and guide customers into understanding service agreements, what was included in them, rates and what service plan would best fit their needs. The process frequently required the customer to “call the office” or the “office will call you.” Companies were exposed to financial losses on a daily basis, costing them thousands and thousands of dollars. The fact of the matter is, service agreements are the biggest factor that determines the financial value of an HVAC company — and without them – growth can be a slow process.


Here is how P3 Software changes the game. It is designed to specifically sell and manage service agreements. It takes the guessing out of the presentation for service techs and customers. Since P3 software is cloud based, most technicians carry with them a tablet installed with the P3 software. There are menus to guide technicians through the process as well as prompts to keep them on track as they navigate through the program. Each prompt gives the tech specific information about the service agreements which has been predetermined by the company. The information is shared with the customer right there on the spot, in the field. Customers can now make informed and wise choices about their HVAC care. The benefits to your company? The service technician becomes the expert, gaining the respect and confidence of your customer and securing the sale.


Taking the guessing out of service calls is one of the many benefits of the P3 platform powered by HVAC Solutions. Some of the P3 features may be the perfect solution for your HVAC company. We’ve highlighted a few of them.


Resolves service interruptions – P3 software allows home-base to guide service technicians through the daily challenges of traffic and the ever changing schedule of services calls with a real-time mapping system that locates techs and can redirect them immediately.


Accurate invoicing – Realtime invoicing allows your company to see what is presented to the customer before it is placed in their hands. Invoices are produced in a cohesive format and printed in an understandable document.


Dispatching – The link to communication between service technicians, your customers and your office. Because of the fluid and fluctuating nature of the service industry, dispatching becomes much more precise with the P3 software.


Getting a grip – P3 software is loaded with 16 specific report features for your company to understand how well their business is performing. Reports can be tailored to your companies needs on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis.



About HVAC Business Solutions and P3:
HVAC Business Solutions is a leading software developer in the HVAC industry with more than 10 years’ experience providing innovative technological solutions to HVAC owner-operators. Far from a one-size fits all SaaS, HVAC Business Solutions provides a hybrid of consulting services along with its modular proprietary P3 software suite that provides business owners with customizable solutions aimed to enhance each company’s unique market position and goals. By leveraging the experiences of in-field technicians, software developers, and veteran business owners, HVAC Business Solutions continues to provide the HVAC industry with critical technological advancements—enabling efficient business practices, recovering lost revenue, and earning increasingly high rates of homeowner-contractor satisfaction.