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P3 Software Creates Happy Homeowners and Boosts Business for Heating & Cooling Professionals


Easy-to-use Software Streamlines Common Tasks for Technicians and Helps Air Conditioning Owners Increase Sales


September 24, 2018 – The HVACR market is projected to be a $130.7 billion industry by 2020, according to The Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News (The NEWS). That makes it one of the most competitive trades in the Unities States. In fact, as the industry continues to grow, heating and cooling companies are challenged with finding quality technicians and differentiating themselves from the competition.


Tools like HVAC Business Solution’s P3 software are helping A/C owners improve service and increase sales. P3 is an easy-to-use web-based tool that automates valuable ad-on services, like maintenance agreements, financing, air filtration products, and more, taking that burden of selling off the technician. P3 has given hundreds of A/C contractors a competitive advantage by freeing up time, improving homeowner’s experiences, and helping HVAC companies recover lost revenue.


“Our P3 platform is a proven tool that helps HVAC contractors deliver superior service, showcase options, and maximize the profitability of each technician’s time in the field,” said Brain Starzec, President of HVAC Business Solutions and developer of P3. “It’s been rewarding to help hundreds of contractors grow their business and watch how P3 is transforming the way they do business.”


The average HVAC business loses $117,000 a year in potential revenue by wasting time filling out paperwork, managing misaligned dispatch practices, and wandering through an unproductive sales pipeline. It’s been estimated that HVAC professionals are spending an average of three hours of unbillable time on inefficient systems. At $150/hour, saving just 15 minutes a day, these businesses could be earning an extra $9750 a year.


“Many HVAC business owners are running around putting out fires, so they haven’t taken the time to integrate a tool like P3, which actually frees up time, and helps make money,” said Dave Vernetti, President of Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling of Rockford, Illinois. “P3 software has taken some of our most time-consuming business tasks and given us a simple-to-use solution that helps us run our business more efficiently.”


The cloud-based platform helps HVAC companies with:


Showing Up on Time– Technicians’ location and service status are automatically updated and housed in a consolidated dashboard. This feature also includes a mapping system that allows dispatchers to visually calculate travel times and reassign technicians to minimize time stuck in traffic and delight customers with accurate estimates for when they can expect to be serviced.


Winning Customer’s Confidence– Customer’s trust the recommendations made by a service technician over sales staff. P3 provides easy-to use modules, that allow field techs to clearly illustrate to homeowners the “good – better – best” solutions to their HVAC issues. Homeowners participate in the decision-making process by walking through the score card with the field tech and arriving at the best decision for their specific situation.


Signing-Up More Service Agreements– In-field invoicing allows homeowners to compare the savings of a service agreement contract versus a one-time invoice. This allows the field tech to be seen as expert-consultants and not pushy sales people; the customer is once again leading the conversation when they inquire about the price difference and decide what is best for them in the long-term. P3 also has a user-friendly dashboard that helps HVAC business owners track service agreements and automatically contact customers to renew, as well as track how many contracts will be needed to meet their revenue goals.


As the HVAC service industry continues to grow, remaining competitive has never been more important. By eliminating hassles for field technicians, enabling homeowners to own the service process, and automating how business statistics are tracked, P3 software is the leading solution for HVAC owners seeking to distinguish themselves from competitors and increase their bottom line.


About HVAC Business Solutions and P3:

HVAC Business Solutions is a leading software developer in the HVAC industry with more than 10 years’ experience providing innovative technological solutions to HVAC owner-operators. Far from a one-size fits all SaaS, HVAC Business Solutions provides a hybrid of consulting services along with its modular proprietary P3 software suite that provides business owners with customizable solutions aimed to enhance each company’s unique market position and goals. By leveraging the experiences of in-field technicians, software developers, and veteran business owners, HVAC Business Solutions continues to provide the HVAC industry with critical technological advancements—enabling efficient business practices, recovering lost revenue, and earning increasingly high rates of homeowner-contractor satisfaction.