Smart Strategy

Flat Rate Pricing

Why Flat Rate Pricing is a Smart Strategy in Today’s Retail HVAC Market

In today’s competitive HVAC world, it’s a challenge to keep up.

For a business to be competitive and profitable, one smart strategy is to consider flat rate pricing. With flat rate you can raise your labor rate and material mark up without customer objection. That’s because when you know how much you are going to invoice for a particular job, it also means you can calculate the time it takes your techs to perform it while staying profitable. The faster work is completed, the more profitable you become. And the faster jobs are completed in the field, the faster techs can move on to the next job.

Flat rate pricing also works well with customers. There are no unknowns with price. Homeowners recognize they are getting transparent service from the business they are working with and not getting “nickeled and dimed” for every little thing. In contrast, if a customer is paying by the hour, you run the risk of them feeling you are dragging on the job just to be able to bill more hours.

While flat rate pricing seems easy to implement, in reality it can get complicated. P3 software, however helps contractors make the switch simple and seamless.

P3 next generation software makes it easy for both the techs and homeowners. That’s because all pricing, repair options, materials, and everything else is managed through one single web-based system. That includes updating pricing, customizing pricing descriptions, providing techs with install instructions and so much more!

Now your team of techs can be more than just service techs, but also better sales professionals. P3 helps techs sell both new equipment and appropriate parts, supplies, and repairs. P3 helps homeowners understand how upgrading to a service agreement is a smart way to save too.

P3 the ultimate tool for any HVAC company that is looking to grow their business.

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