Selling More HVAC in 2019

Increasing Sales with P3


A Good-Better-Best Sales Strategy can help HVAC companies sell more.

In today’s day and age, no matter what industry you are in, no matter what price you set, there is a ton of competition, and profits can be lost.


So as a business owner, how do you combat that? How do you become most profitable? One method that has been proven extremely successful is the good-better-best method. With it, you don’t have a single price method that will potentially create profit loss.

Instead by creating a tiered array of price points from low to high lets customers see the various values and can then choose which is best for them.

With this type of pricing approach customers can select which works best for them while it allows businesses to enjoy higher margins from some relative to others, but also doesn’t alienate another specific audience.

In addition, by utilizing this type of pricing method gives customers the impression that they aren’t given an ultimatum that it’s one price, take it or leave it. In fact, almost 6 in 10 buyers want to discuss pricing during the first encounter.  With this dynamic pricing offering you are now providing them with options and usually most end up taking the highest, most expensive one. That’s what we call effective selling!

With the P3 software, HVAC contractors can quickly prepare in minutes, good/better/best proposalsthat they can easily show to customers while eliminating the need for a customer to visit your competition. This extremely beneficial piece of software makes it very comfortable for a tech to present options. Everything is transparent, accurate and easy to understand and comprehend. They will even be able to sell more accessories and services.

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Happy Selling!