How To Create a Successful HVAC Equipment Proposal

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If your company does residential work every project is as important as any other – no job is too small. But before you can get to work, you’ll need to create an HVAC equipment proposal. That’s because no homeowner will hire you to do the job until they have an estimate and proposal in hand first. However, while the concept is rather simple, it can be complicated to get everything you need in line for that proposal — after all, you’ve likely got better things to do.

But make no mistake – that proposal is critically important. You may only get a few minutes to walk around the property and organize a best guess as to how the project will go. If you overestimate the bid, you could lose the project before you even get started. If you underestimate the bid, that could mean a problematic back-and-forth as the project spirals out of control and the homeowner wonders where all these extra charges are coming from. But if you’re transparent and up-front about the work and what needs to be done by creating an HVAC equipment proposal, everything else becomes a whole lot easier.

Writing That HVAC Equipment Proposal

Due to the limited time that you and your employees may have to survey the property and develop a layout for installation, it’s hard enough to decide on an approach, nevermind the actual writing of an HVAC equipment proposal. If your proposal is too short or lacks important information, you may not be communicating the expertise or capability in getting the job done right.

Aside from an introduction that conveys who you are, what you do and why the homeowner should pick your proposal, you may also want to include any relevant certifications or experience that can set you apart from the rest. If you offer some kind of money back guarantee or another kind of perk that could help tip the bid in your favor, don’t neglect to mention it. Same goes for if you’re adopting new technologies or if you’re committed to reducing a home’s carbon footprint.

In addition to some background information about your company and why you’re the right contractor for the job, don’t forget to include some client reviews or testimonials — or where they can find them online — so that you can let your previous successes do the talking for you. It may not sound like much, but a great testimonial is one of the best ways to earn new business.

Finalize the Proposal

Once you’ve organized your pitch, it’s time to finalize that proposal. Getting a good proposal out the door can mean the difference between winning that project and waiting for the next one to come along, and there’s definitely no shortage of HVAC equipment proposal samples and templates online for you to use. However, that usually means hours or days of tweaking to get that proposal in line with your HVAC business and the job at hand.   

Beyond the pitch itself, you’ll also need to include equipment costs, labor and a summary of everything that will be done, such as the central air conditioner to be used, ductwork and programmable thermostats.

Budget will also be a huge concern for the homeowner, so make sure that this information is clearly marked in your proposal. HVAC proposal software can usually do this kind of stuff automatically, but if you’re not using a platform you’ll have to organize it manually. \There’s no right or wrong way to do it, though you should separate out each important section of the budget, such as $X for system design, $X for materials and $X for labor. If there’s a question about any of your charges, it’s all right there in the proposal for reference.

That said, it’s important to note that bids for different homes can vary wildly due to the unique challenges of each. Resist the urge to price this project like the last because no two homes are perfectly alike. Even similar sizes, shapes and square footage could need dramatically different solutions, so make sure that you’re evaluating each project on its own merits. From there, just add a quick timeline estimate of when work will begin and end and you’re done.

The Better Way With HVAC Proposal Software

If all that typing and gathering of numbers and equipment costs are giving you pause, it’s time to move on from the manual process and into something that can help you save time and money on your residential HVAC proposals. As we mentioned, one of the best ways to create an HVAC equipment proposal is to use dedicated HVAC proposal software. 

Here at HVAC Business Solutions, we’ve created an equipment proposal software suite that does just that. Create proposals in just minutes with our software and use the time you save to go out there and win more business. Schedule a demo to get started.