The Best HVAC Software for Your HVAC Business

best HVAC software

What is the best HVAC software for your business?

For starters, it’s software that will let you automate processes that right now are done through the phone or even a notepad.

With HVAC software, you can make equipment proposals and even issue recurring invoices all in one place.

And in this digital age, most contractors have already lept to digital management platforms instead of relying on spreadsheets and paper. So why shouldn’t you do the same?

Check out all the benefits of HVAC software below!

What is HVAC software?

HVAC software is a virtual management tool created specifically for this industry.

Many HVAC contractors don’t even use software at all, or they end up buying affordable, yet inefficient generic management tools that don’t consider the particularities of this industry.

With HVAC software, not only do you get all the tools you’d expect from regular management software but also features such as equipment proposals and “picture perfect pricing” which help you sell products more efficiently.

HVAC software also comes preloaded with the major brands — such as Trane, Ruud, York, Carrier, and American Standard — so you don’t need to spend hours typing in manually equipment features into the system for clients.

HVAC software also comes preloaded with pricing — typically, the software will come loaded with internal calculators that will help you send estimates of your service or repair work through flat-rate pricing and create proposals for the installation of new equipment for customers taking into account the pricing that contractors receive from their distributors.

So, in a nutshell: HVAC software is an one-in-all solution for residential contractors in this industry with features such as equipment proposals and flat-rate pricing.

What is the best HVAC software?

It’s hard to say what is the best software for HVAC contractors, but you can guarantee a custom-tailored solution for this industry is among the best picks.

Most companies say they offer HVAC software for contractors, but in reality what’s for sale is a “maintenance platform” or “field service management software”, which while fit for HVAC is also made for other industries.

In other words, you’ll be using a solution that wasn’t designed with HVAC in mind, but rather to cover as many industries as possible to gather more clients.

Well, with P3 HVAC Software, you have a solution which was designed by people with knowledge of HVAC and thinking of you (and only you) as our client.

So that means any issues you face, we aim to solve with our software. And we even have a Facebook group you can join to talk with us.

So, in a nutshell: there are many good maintenance softwares available, but P3 HVAC Software is one of the only designed specifically for this industry.

What is the price for HVAC software?

You can get one of the best HVAC management softwares for as low as $99 monthly.

But, if you want features such as recurring service plans or diagnostic checklists, then you’ll need to upgrade to the Business or Business Plus plan.

It’s important that you pick the plan that meets all your needs fully.

Maybe you don’t need the complete care package, but you shouldn’t miss out on features that’ll make you productive just to shave off some bucks.

Check out the pricing for P3 HVAC Software.

How do I manage my HVAC business?

Managing an HVAC residential contractor business is all about riding the wave in demand when it’s scorching hot (or freezing cold) and capitalizing on that uptick for big cash flow.

Many HVAC contractors lose dozens of clients simply because they aren’t organized.

Yes, put yourself in the shoes of your client: you want to buy an AC, but you call the HVAC contractor and never get an answer. Chances are you’ll start calling somebody else.

And this happens with many residential contractors! The ones with the best customer service rake in the clients while the others miss opportunities due to bad management.

Being able to serve customers timely is also another issue, as many HVAC contractors have to “juggle” clients to serve everyone in a reasonable timeframe.

With HVAC software you can sell equipment remotely and even send invoices. A KPI dashboard helps you identify bottlenecks and fix them before they cause bigger problems.

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