How to Create Quick and Easy HVAC Timesheets

HVAC technician

The best HVAC companies have great systems to support their services. If you’ve been in this business for any amount of time, you know how challenging it can be to keep track of multiple technicians.

A huge part of your ability to run a successful business is ensuring that technicians are spending their time wisely, not wasting time, and operating efficiently from job to job. HVAC timesheets help make this possible by tracking time by job, location, and helping to accurately report travel time.

How can you be sure that your business is managing time efficiently. Without an HVAC timesheet portal, it’ll be much harder to hold your technicians accountable for time spent at each job. In this article, we’re going to talk about how to create HVAC timesheets and also the benefits of doing so.

Features of HVAC Timesheets

Here are some of the most significant features that will make a positive impact on your business.

Weekly Summary

While you’re busy running and growing a business, your technicians are out in the field servicing your clients. You might not always have a chance to check on them throughout the day and sometimes throughout the week. As a result, being able to receive a weekly snapshot of where they were and when makes it easy to hold them accountable and identify any bottlenecks.

Billable vs Non-Billable Travel

Having total control over paying your technicians is important and not every mile deserves pay. With the right HVAC employee timesheets you can track every mile your technician drives to determine which were essential to the job and which weren’t. This offers you more control over how you pay your employees and limits the chances of anyone taking advantage of you.

Time Per Department

If you’re running a busy company with multiple departments, ensuring everything is separated will help keep your timesheets accurate. The last thing you want to deal with is angry employees who are upset because you’re not paying them properly or in a timely manner. Keeping your departments separate makes payroll easier and it also ensures that everyone is properly paid for their time.

Time Per Technician

In addition to separating time based on department, you’ll also need to separate it based on each technician. This creates a lot of steps and even if you don’t have a ton of technicians, this is still a time-consuming process. Having each technician accurately logging their own time on each job saves you time and the P3 system paired with dispatching ensures everything is accurate and honest.

Daily Sign Offs

Besides just being time sheets for HVAC service technicians P3 also provides you with reporting for injuries, vehicle damage, training, meetings, and call backs. All of these factors can cut into the time spent on a job site so having an accurate explanation for these factors is crucial.

Why Daily Time Sheets for HVAC is Important

Now that you understand some of the things the P3 HVAC Software does for you, let’s talk about the benefits.

Accurate Tracking

Whenever there is manual work, there is error. If you’re still using manual timesheets there are definitely errors being made. They’re not always intentional and sometimes they even sway in the opposite direction so you may be underpaying your employees. Plus, you could be overbilling your customers or underestimating the services.

Either way, having accurate time tracking with HVAC timesheets can eliminate all of these concerns.

Location Tracking

Another critically important feature of time tracking is location-specific tracking. It might seem strange to have to pay this much attention but keep in mind that there are always people looking to take advantage of a situation. If you’re not tracking your employees, chances are they are milking the clock, clocking in before they actually arrive at a job site, or clocking out when they’re already on the way home.

Mistakes or intentional errors like this can add up over time costing you time, money, and customers.

Detailed Reporting

The cherry on top of all of this is reporting. All of this data means nothing if you can’t look at it and interpret it into actions you need to take in your business. For example, if you find that a certain technician is continually taking too long at jobs, is showing up late to job sites, and isn’t pulling their weight; it becomes clear what needs to happen.

Not to mention the fact that HVAC timesheets hold employees accountable because they always know that you’re keeping track of everything so they can’t get away with working slowly or running up the clock.

Final Thoughts

Keeping accurate and consistent job data is important to any successful business. When you’re in the skilled trades, it’s even more important. Schedule a demo today to learn about how P3 HVAC Business Solutions can make a difference in your business!