P3 HVAC Software – Invoicing FAQ

P3 HVAC Software

This Invoicing FAQ post contains answers to the most most frequently asked questions regarding how P3 HVAC Software handles invoices and payments.

Invoicing FAQ

Can I go paperless with your system?

Yes. The entire process from scheduling/dispatching a service call to completing an invoice and receiving payment can all be done without paper on P3.


How do my customers receive a copy of the invoice?

The primary way is through email or text. This is one of the major benefits of Picture Perfect Pricing is that our software helps you collect email addresses. In addition you can convert the invoice to a PDF and print.


Can your system accept credit cards in the field?

Yes. If you have an account setup with our credit card processing partner, your technicians can swipe a credit card in the field and receive payment out in the field.


Who is the credit card processor?



How do I set up credit card processing?

Each company will have to create an account and complete a credit application with Cayan. We have a designated person at Cayan for the processing the credit application. Once you are approved we will complete the technical setup on your behalf.


What will my rate be?

Cayan sets the fees and rates.  Every client is different based on your expected volume and the type of program you want.  One of the reasons we selected Cayan was due to their competitive rates and Meet-or-Beat Guarantee.  In fact, we have had several companies indicate that the savings by switching are so significant that the savings alone have paid for the cost of P3.


How quickly will money be funded from Cayan?

24 – 48 hours