P3 HVAC Software Introduces “P3 Sales Launcher” & Focuses on IAQ Demand

Sales Launcher

Next-Gen Software Boosts Sales for HVAC Owners with Functionality & New Features!


P3 HVAC Software announced today the release of P3 Sales Launcher, a stand-alone proposal tool providing HVAC Contractors with an easy to build, visually appealing, good-better-best display of options for new equipment, repairs and other services.

At a time when COVID19 has turned many businesses upside down, HVAC owners are identifying unexpected opportunities and P3 is responding to the call. P3 Sales Launcher is the central focus of P3 HVAC Software’s Version 11.0 software release, which also includes more than fifty other upgrades and enhancements. The P3 Sales Launcher module allows small to medium-sized HVAC contractors to take advantage of the sales functionality without having to change their operational software and procedures.

“Even though the P3 Sales Launcher is available within our field service management platform, we are excited to offer this leading HVAC tool as a stand-alone module,” said Brian Starzec, President of P3 HVAC Software. “P3 Sales Launcher allows contractors to continue to use the field service management software they are currently using while leveraging our nearly two decades of HVAC industry knowledge and expertise.”

P3 HVAC Software will also focus on the heightened awareness and increased demand for indoor air quality (IAQ) needs throughout the country. Homeowners, hospitals, schools, and businesses need IAQ solutions now more than ever, which creates an exciting opportunity for growth.

According to a recent ACHR News, new work scheduled for the contracting segment (which includes HVAC and IAQ) reached a record high of 15% year-over-year growth in June. From June to September, new work scheduled has been growing faster year-over-year compared to the start of the year and is expected to continue at a faster pace than ever before.

There are so many IAQ options available now, P3 Sales Launcher provides a simple and easy to use platform to help HVAC technicians educate their customers and help them compare various options, ultimately leading to more sales for the company.

For nearly two decades P3 HVAC Software has been listening to the needs and challenges of HVAC owners and is pleased to see how P3 Sales Launcher will help them transform their businesses and give them a competitive advantage during a challenging time.

While P3 HVAC Software focuses on HVAC companies with two to twelve technicians, P3 Sales Launcher is designed for any sized company and comes pre-loaded with the most popular brands in the industry.

P3 also provides simple touch-free solutions, as well as efficiency and profitability features which enable P3 users to operate their business with confidence through these uncertain times.

About P3 HVAC Software
P3 HVAC Software is a leading field management software, made specifically for HVAC dealers. Focused on growing smaller companies consisting of 2-10 technicians, P3 HVAC Software supports the complete workflow of all HVAC dealers’ business, dispatching, customer presentation, and invoicing needs. Offering the industry’s most tailored HVAC software at an affordable price, P3 enables clients to improve their business and sales immediately. P3 HVAC Software was developed from Picture Perfect Pricing, a proprietary flat-rate pricing material in business for over 30 years. P3 HVAC Software seamlessly creates proposals integrating financing options with its good-better-best proposal equipment sales module. P3 HVAC Software has been a technology platform for almost 10 years. P3 HVAC Software is owned by HVAC Business Solutions, LLC which has been in business since 2008. For more information, please visit us at hvacbusinesssolutions.com.