P3 HVAC Software – Setup FAQ

P3 HVAC Software

This Setup FAQ post contains answers to the most most frequently asked questions regarding getting setup on P3 HVAC Software.

Setup FAQ

What can I expect after I purchase the software?

The person that helped you with your purchase becomes your Account Manager.   During sign up, the Account Manager will conduct an initial 30 minute questionnaire where we will obtain all of the specifics about your business necessary for the software.  Our Account Team will then setup your account, customizing the software for the needs of your HVAC company.  This process usually takes 1 business day.


How will my existing customers get loaded?

If you purchased the Gold or Silver Business Optimization Solution, then we load your customers for you.  Your Account Manager will make all of the necessary arrangements.   If you purchased the Bronze Business Optimization Solution you opted to load your customers yourself.  The software has tools to load the information from your current system.