Tuesday Tool Tip – 2 Way Text Report

2 Way Text Log Report Link

2 Way Text Report

The 2 Way Text Report is a great way to view all conversations at one time in a single place.

The report includes all text communications with both customers and technicians.

Specifically, the report will include the date and time of the text message, in addition to the person that sent the message, the person who received the message and naturally the message itself.

Now, when the report is exported, the spreadsheet will contain the “Sent to Phone Number” and “Sent from Phone Number”. This will make it easy to quickly sort to see threads with a particular technician or customer.

As with all reports in the software, you will have the ability to filter the report. The options include searching for a particular time frame, internal user/dispatcher, customer, group thread and whether or not to include archived messages.

To get the report, one must first have the permission. Please ask your system administrator to provide access.

Access is granted from the Settings, Admins page under the Reports section. Please note that once the permission is granted to a person, that person must log out and log back in for the permission to take effect.


2 Way Text Report Link

2 Way Text Log Report Link

Report Filters

2 Way Text Log Report Filters


Example Report

2 Way Text Log Report View

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