Tuesday Tool Tip – New Personalization Variables

Personalization Variables for Invoices

New Personalization Variables

We recently added 3 new personalization variables to customize the communication when sending invoices. These variables include the first name, the last name and a variable that combines the first and last name together.

These variables are to help those companies who have a customer name format of “last, first”. Now with these variables each company can better address the customer in the email communication.

Please note these variables are currently only available in the invoice communication. However, we are in the process of adding the personalization variables to all communications. This work will be completed by the end of the month.

New Variables

$CustomerFirstName – the first name field on the customer record
$CustomerLastName – the last name field on the customer record
$CustomerFirstAndLastName – the first name field on the customer record followed by the last name field

Let’s assume we have a customer name format of “last, first” and we have a customer “George Washington.” So the customer record fields are:
First Name: George
Last Name: Washington
Customer Name: Washington, George

Here are the values for each of the personalization variables:
$CustomerFirstName = George
$CustomerLastName = Washington
$CustomerFirstAndLastName = George Washington
$CustomerName = Washington, George

Please note these variables are currently available with both the email and text communication for the invoice.


New Personalization Variables


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