Tuesday Tool Tip – Overdue Invoice Report Updates

Overdue Invoice Report - Total Amount Due

Overdue Invoice Report Upates:

Over the weekend we made some updates to the Overdue Invoice Report.

Specifically, there were 3 updates:

  • Ability to Search by Customer
  • Displaying the Total Amount Overdue across all Invoices
  • Displaying Page Totals

Overdue Invoice Report – Search by Customer

If there are many outstanding invoices, it is now easier to find the amount owed by a particular customer by simply searching on their name.  Here the report will display the customers that match the search criteria.  To find a customer:

  • Click the Edit Criteria button
  • Enter Customer Name
  • Click Update Report

To clear the search, click the Edit Criteria button, remove the customer name and click the Update Report button.

Overdue Invoice Report – Overdue Summary

The top of each page of the report now displays the total amount overdue across all invoices.   This makes it easier to see how big an issue collections might be for your company.

As a reminder it is best practice is to collect out in the field when the call is completed, especially on the residential side.  With P3’s credit card processing partners it is easy to collect credit card payments out in the field.  In addition, invoices can be sent electronically and customers can pay online.


Overdue Invoice Report – Total Amount Due

Where to Search by Customer Name


Customer Search Box


Search Results



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