Tuesday Tool Tip – Report Permissions

Permission Removed

In an effort to provide even more administrative control, P3 now has the ability to set the Report permissions on a per user basis.

Permissions Background

“Super Admin” users in the P3 Command Center have the ability to set permissions for other, regular, admin users – dispatchers, managers, etc. This is where you determine if an administrator for example can view specific information, but not delete it.

Report Permissions

Now, in the same page where the other permissions are set, there is a special category for Reports.

When the section is expanded, every report in P3 is listed. As a result, the Super Admin users can determine to which specific reports the other admins will have access.

For example, your sales manager might not need to see service agreement reports.

How to Change Report Access

To change an administrator’s permission for a report:

  • From the Command Center, click on Settings
  • Scroll the Users section
  • Click on “Admin Users”
  • Select the appropriate person, click edit icon
  • Click to expand the “Reports” section
  • Uncheck the box to remove permission
  • Save

Important Notes

Please note the default for the software is to grant access to all reports for all admin users.

Also note that if a report permission is removed for an administrator, it takes effect the next time the admin logs into the Command Center.

Report Permissions

Click to Remove Permission

No Check Box = No Access


Permission Removed

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