Tuesday Tool Tip – P3 HVAC Software – Revenue Note

Revenue Note displays in the Recommendation Section

HVAC Dispatching – Revenue Note

The Revenue Note is another excellent tool for dispatching.

Often times, there are specific recommendations made by a technician or comments made by the customer that represent a need for a product or service.

Since these are revenue opportunities, we created a way to flag these notes separately so they standout.

How to Create a Revenue Note

From the Customer Record in the Command Center, go to the Notes table. Here, next to each note, you will see a dollar sign icon.

Simply click the icon and the dollar sign will turn green. At this point, the note is flagged as a Revenue Note.

Now, when a new service call is created for this customer, the Note will appear in the Recommendations section.

When the Note is no longer considered a revenue opportunity – for example the customer purchased the recommended product – then return to the Customer Record and click the dollar sign icon again. This will deactivate the Revenue flag.

Located on Customer Record -> Customer Notes

HVAC Dispatching - Revenue Note


When Green, the Note is now a “Revenue Note”

When Green the Note is a Revenue Note


Revenue Notes Display in the Recommendations Section when Creating a New Service Call

Revenue Note displays in the Recommendation Section



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