Tuesday Tool Tip – P3 HVAC Software – Dispatch Board Short Cut

Move Call to Different Day

HVAC Invoicing – Dispatch Board Short Cut

This week we are concentrating on an overlooked dispatching short cut – how to move a service call from the Dispatch Board itself, without having to drill into the service call.

Move Service Call Short Cut

From the main Dispatch Board a Service Call can be moved to another time slot, either for the same day or for a different day. This short cut is perfect for calls that need to be moved, but no other information except the arrival window needs to be updated.

To start the move, first click the “Edit Mode” button.

At this point all of the appointments on the screen will turn grey. Click on the appointment that you want to move.

Now, the appointment will turn red.

Selected Call Turns Red

At this point select another time slot on the calendar. Please note that there has to be enough time available for the appointment to be moved. For example, if you have a 2 hour block for a call, you cannot move it to just a one-hour opening on the calendar.

There will be a prompt – Do You Want to Reschedule?

Click Yes to continue

Select New Time Slot

Next, there will be a prompt to ask if the Arrival Window needs to be updated.

Remember, at this time the Arrival Window is just a label, it does not automatically update based on the start time of the appointment. Therefore, this will be your opportunity to change the arrival window for the customer.

Arrival Window Popup

To change the Arrival Window, change the answer to Yes and then the Arrival Window options will appear for your company. Select the appropriate window and click Next.

If the Arrival Window does not need to be changed, simply just click the Next button.

Change Arrival Window

At this point the appointment has been moved, but there is one more prompt.

Here, you have the opportunity to resend the appointment confirmation to the customer. Click Yes, to send the appointment confirmation. The appointment confirmation sends based on the customer’s communication preferences.

If no appointment confirmation is needed, please click No.


Send Appointment Confirmation

At this point, the Calendar remains in Edit Mode, giving you the chance to switch additional service calls. If you are finished moving calls, click the “Normal Mode” button to exit “Edit Mode” and return the dispatch board to normal.

Click Normal Mode

To Switch Call to Another Day The process is the same, first get into “Edit Mode”.

Then using the calendar link or calendar arrows, move the dispatch calendar to the new day for the appointment.  Identify the correct day and then click on the appropriate time slot for that day.

The rest of the process is the same.

Move Call to Different Day



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