Tuesday Tool Tip – Find Support Quickly

Quickly Find Account Manager Information

Find Support Quickly

To make it easier to find support quickly, we recently added your Account Manager information on the left hand menu below the Settings.

For those companies with a dedicated account manager, each page will display:

  • Account Manager name
  • Account Manager Phone Number
  • Link to schedule time with your account manager

Please note, the link to schedule time is tied directly to your account manager’s calendar so you are booking based on real-time availability.

This information is displayed on every page in the software so if you are ever stuck or have a quick question, your account manager’s contact information is readily available.

For those companies without a dedicated account manager, we provide:

  • The email address to contact support
  • Link to schedule time with a support rep

The email address is a link and it will launch your email program. The schedule link is also tied to the support’s team real-time availability.

Lastly, the help icon in the top tool bar is a direct link to the P3 Help Desk where you can search articles and videos on a variety of topics.

View with Account Manager

Quickly Find Account Manager Information


Normal Help Display

Support Information

P3 Help Desk Short Cut

P3 Help Desk Icon


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