Tuesday Tool Tip – Job Cost Report

Job Cost Report - Invoice Status

Job Cost Report:

We made a recent addition to the Job Cost Report.

Now the Job Cost Report displays the Invoice Status on the main report. This allows everyone to easily see this status to better interpret the rest of the information on the report.

This Status field is also available when it is downloaded to Excel.

This update was made earlier in the year based on feedback from the user community. Therefore, please keep up the suggestions. We listen and take action.

Report Overview

Overall, the Job Cost Report allows your HVAC company to see the profitability of a Job. The Report contains the following information.

One, it lists all of the service calls for the time period selected. The list contains the name of the Technician, Customer, the type of Service Call, in addition to Invoice information.

The Invoice information includes the Invoice Status, Invoice Number, date and Amount. Next, the report lists the total time taken by the Technician on the call, the Gross Profit and the Gross Profit Percentage.

You can drill down into the report to see exactly how the Gross Profit and Gross Profit Percentage are calculated. Furthermore, all details about the call and job are present.

This is a great report to track technician and job performance.


Job Cost Report – Invoice Status

Job Cost Report - Invoice Status



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