Tuesday Tool Tip – Reconciliation Report

Reconciled Status

Reconciliation Report:

The Reconciliation Report is a great way to see the status of all aspects of a service call in one place.

Ever want to know at the same time, quickly and easily, the following:  is the service call done, is the diagnostic complete, is the invoice created and are the images sync’d?

Without the Reconciliation Report, this would require drilling into the Service Call and the Customer Record individually, not to mention drilling into the underlying data to get the true status.

With the Reconciliation Report, all of this is available in a single view. In addition, you have the ability to remind yourself if the call is “done” or “reconciled”.

There is a special status flag that allows you track calls where something might not be completed. Perhaps your company has a special workflow or series of steps that must be taken after the technician is done with the call.  Well you can use this status to track which calls have completed those steps and which ones are still unfinished.

To begin, run the report for a specific time period – the current day, week or month. A list of all service calls for that time period will appear.

Report Details

The report will show the following information:

  • The Date of the Service Call
  • The Customer (hyperlink to the customer record details)
  • The Service Call Type (hyperlink to the service call details)
  • The Technician
  • Reconciliation Status
  • Call Complete?
  • Review Sent?
  • Diagnostic Created?
  • Have the images sync’d?
  • Invoice Created?
  • Has the Invoice Sync’d to QB?
  • Has the Payment Sync’d to QB?

For the questions listed above, there are two icons that display.  A green check mark displays if the task is done. A read “x” appears if it is not done.

There are two ways to view even further information.

One, hover over one of the questions. For example, hover over the “Call Complete?” status. Here, you will see a popup with the details on the call. For example of the questions, in the table you can hover over the status.

To get even further details, click the View/Magnifying glass icon at the end of the row. Now, all of the details about the Customer, Service Call, Invoice and Diagnostic will appear. See the example below.

Lastly, the Report provides a way for your company to determine if the Call is “done” or “reconciled.” There is no specific definition for this status – it is whatever you want it to mean. If all of the questions have green checkmarks, the status will not change to “yes”. It will only change when somebody at your company sets it to “yes”.

Each company has different post-call procedures.  Therefore, once your steps are done, then mark the service call as “done”. The search criteria on the page allows one to easily search for the “reconciled”/”done” calls or the ones that are not yet done.


Reconciliation Report Location

Reconciliation Report Location

Example Report

Reconciliation Report

Hover to View Details

View Call Details

View All Call Details

View All Details

Expanded View

Set Call as “Done”

Reconciled Status



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