Tuesday Tool Tip – Email Personalization Variables for Tune Ups

Calendar - With Personalization Variable Link

Email Personalization Variables for Tune Ups and Online Dispatching

A couple weeks ago we discussed how Personalization variables can be used to send more customer-specific emails rather than generic emails.

This week, we are discussing how the Personalization Variable can be used best in the Tune Up Reminder Email for those utilizing online Dispatching.

Online Calendar Overview

As a recap, each company using Online Dispatching is given a custom URL to link to their specific online calendar. This link is found in the Dispatching-Online Settings section, by clicking the General Settings link.

Now, this link is a general link. Providing this link to a customer will allow them to book any service call type that you have enabled for your company’s online calendar.

2 Concerns with General Online Calendar Link for Tune Ups

However, with Tune Ups, there are two concerns with using the general link.

One, the customer might accidentally select the wrong the call type. For example, instead of booking the “Tune Up”, they might accidentally select a “No Cool” call.

Two, even if the customer selects the correct Tune Up call type, the software does not know that they are booking the specific tune up that is owed on their account.

Here is what will ultimately happen in this situation.  The Service Agreement counter will not update correctly because there is no connection between the customer’s specific tune up owed and the online calendar.

Advantage of Personalization Variable for Tune Ups

Now, when the Personalization Variable is used, the software knows you are looking for the customer to schedule the actual tune up owed. As a result, the link is different.  Now, click the link and the online calendar automatically selects the appropriate Tune Up Service Call Type.

Furthermore, the necessary behind the scenes coding has been set to make sure when this call is booked online and completed, that the service agreement counter is updated automatically.

This is the best of all worlds.  It saves the customer the step of selecting the correct service call type.  In addition, it properly keeps track of the tune ups owed.

To activate online dispatching or to learn more about it, please contact your account manager.  Alternatively, please send a quick note to the Help Desk and somebody will call you back.


Example Tune Up Reminder Email with General Online Dispatching Link

Tune Up Email - General Link

Example Tune Reminder Email with Personalization Variable Link


Tune Up Email - Personalization Variable

Online Calendar Display – General Link

Customer must select the correct option and there is no tie to their specific tune up

Calendar - Normal Link

Online Calendar Display – Personalization Link

Appointment Type pre-selected for Customer and there is a tie to the customer’s actual tune up

Calendar - With Personalization Variable Link

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