Tuesday Tool Tip – Invoice Bundles

Invoice Bundle Creation

Invoice Bundles

On the P3 Invoice, companies can create invoice bundles – where multiple repairs are combined into a single invoice line item.

Very much like how all of the components of an equipment sale are presented at a single price to the customer, the same can be done with a regular service invoice.

This allows you to consolidate all repairs into a single price thereby simplifying the invoice while protecting the price of each individual repair from scrutiny.

This functionality is available both in the app and in the Command Center. To create a bundle, when adding the first repair to the invoice, there is a spot to provide a name to the bundle. This name will become the Task Id for the line item on the invoice.

Then, when adding the second repair, select the bundle in the window.  Now this second repair is added to the existing bundle.

Invoice Bundle Attributes

When the repairs are added to the bundle, on the invoice, the repair name will be added to the description. As a result, with each new repair added to the invoice, the description changes to append the name of the last repair added to the bundle.

That being said, by clicking the edit button on the invoice you can change both the name that appears on the invoice along with the description.

In addition, bundles can be cloned. This is a great way to show multiple options to a home owner.

Our recommendation is to create a bundle with all possible repairs for the customer. Then, clone it. In the clone, remove the least desired repair. Now, the invoice reflects two options and the customer can pick between them.

There is no limit to the number of clones or bundles that can be displayed on the invoice.

Lastly, bundles, like normal repairs can be declined. Thereby providing the same great functionality to close a job.

Create Invoice Bundle

Invoice Bundle Creation


Add Second Repair to Bundle

Add Second Repair to the Bundle

Bundle Display on Invoice

Edit Bundle Description

Clone Bundle

Clone Bundle

Change Bundle Price or Repair Items

Decline Bundle

Decline Bundle


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