Tuesday Tool Tip – Invoice Setting for Service Agreements

Service Agreement Cost Not in the Regular Amount Column

Invoice Setting for Service Agreements

P3 has an Invoice Setting for Service Agreements that allows each company to control if the price of the Service Agreement should be displayed in the Regular Amount column.

As a default, the software places the cost of the Service Agreement in both the Service Agreement column and the Regular Amount column. However, to be most accurate, we can remove the cost from the Regular Amount column as if they don’t purchase the agreement the cost won’t be included in this instance.

With the setting activated, especially with monthly billing, it is easy to show the customer that they can purchase the service agreement, get the benefits of the service agreement immediately AND the cost will be less than if they don’t purchase the service agreement.

This is just another way that P3 helps HVAC companies sell service agreements.

To activate this setting:

  • From the Command Center, click on Settings
  • Go to the Invoice Settings section
  • Click on General Settings
  • Scroll to the bottom
  • The setting is “Service Agreement Cost to only reflect on Preferred Customer Column”

Setting Location

Service Agreement Invoice Setting Activated

Example of an Invoice with the Setting Activated

Service Agreement Cost Not in the Regular Amount Column




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