Report Dashboard Widget Attributes

Here are the key Report Dashboard Widget Attributes:

  • Title – there is a default title, but each can be customized
  • Settings – this is where you can change the default title name
  • Views – some widgets have more than one view available – for example, tabular or graph view
  • Time Frame – some widgets are set for a particular time and other the time frame can be changed
  • Filters – some widgets allow for the selection of particular data within the report
  • Drill Down – for each piece of data displayed, one can click to drill down to see how P3 calculated the value and to see more details
  • Feedback – all widgets have the ability to send feedback on the widget to the Help Desk


  • Data/Tabular
  • Speedometer
  • Bar Chart (Vertical)
  • Bar Chart (Horizontal)
  • Circle Graph

Time Frames

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Quarter
  • Year
  • All


  • Will vary based on the Report
  • Similar to the “Search Criteria” on Reports