Tuesday Tool Tip – Setting to More Easily See Customer Notes on Invoice

Notes Display

New Settings to More Easily See Customer Notes on Invoice:

We created two new settings to more quickly and easily get to the Customer Notes on an Invoice, without having to drill into the invoice.

The first setting is to display the Customer Notes on the Invoice table in the Customer Record.  If there is a note, an icon will appear next to the invoice number.   If the icon is green, the note is the Customer Note.  The internal, Technician Note will display in red.  If the Invoice has both a Customer Note and Technician Note, then both will display.

The second setting is for the display of the Customer Notes on the Invoice Report.  Same logic applies as for the Customer Record Invoice table.  If there is a note, the icon will appear.  In addition, the color code of the icon will determine what type of note is available.

To view the note, simply click on the icon.  Now, the notes are more easily available instead of having to drill into the Invoice itself.

How to Activate the Setting

  • On the left hand menu, click the Settings icon
  • Go to the Invoice section
  • Click on General Settings
  • Go to the bottom of the first section
  • To display the icons, change the following settings to Yes
    • Display Invoice Notes on Customer Page Invoice table?
    • Display Invoice Notes on Invoice Report table?


Settings Location

Invoice Settings

Activate the Setting

Display Invoice Notes Setting

Example from Customer Record Invoice Table

Notes Display

Click Icon to View Note

View Customer Note

Example from Invoice Report

Invoice Report view Notes



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