Tuesday Tool Tip – P3 HVAC Software – Technician Driving Directions

Driving Directions

HVAC Dispatching- Technician Driving Directions

As part of its suite of dispatching solutions, P3 HVAC Software provides a way to enable driving directions for the technician.

Since most technicians are already using some type of app to provide driving directions, rather than re-invite the wheel, P3 software decided to integrate with these existing apps. Therefore, our approach is to send the address of their current service call to an existing app on the technician’s phone or tablet.

Enable Driving Directions

To enable driving directions, login to the P3 Software Command Center and:

  • Click on Settings Under Dispatching
  • Then, click on General Setting Under Tech Settings
  • Click on “Enable Driving Directions”

Enable Technician Driving Directions Setting

Send Driving Directions to the Phone As Well

Once activated you can decide if you want the driving directions sent to the technicians phone as well. If so, Activate the additional setting – “Ability to Text the Customer Address to Technician Phone”.

Please note that you must have the SMS/Texting Module activated in your company account for this to work.

Setting to Send Driving Directions to Phone

How Technician Gets Driving Directions on App from Dispatch

The technician will go to their schedule and click on the link to the address for their current call. Here they will receive options based on the settings established in the Command Center.

To see how it works, please watch the video below:ate links and bullets, or use the options in the “Design” panel on the left to change the font styles of your email.


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